Rachio Authorized Reseller and Warranty Statement

Rachio is firmly committed to providing our customers with best in class, reliable products through authorized distributors and retailers. Rachio resellers have been chosen for their ability to properly represent and sell Rachio products. Only officially authorized Rachio resellers are allowed to sell Rachio products. Rachio products come standard with a manufacturer's warranty, which will only be honored if the products are purchased through Rachio or one of our authorized resellers. If you obtain a Rachio product(s) from an unauthorized reseller, your warranty will not be honored and we cannot offer you the assurances of quality and satisfaction afforded by purchases made through authorized resellers. If you are uncertain about purchasing from a specific reseller, before you purchase, please contact us directly at support@rachio.com.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized Rachio distributor or retailer, please contact us at sales@rachio.com.

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