How Rachio Thrive Works

Create living soil and healthy roots for greener grass.

Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion treatments help plants grow healthier by improving soil and building roots. And it's safe for people, pets, and the planet!

Lawn Champion isn't a fertilizer – it's so much more!

Unlike traditional chemical fertilizers, our soil nutrition contains the right stuff for your lawn, without the risk of damaging or burning it. Lawn Champion feeds your entire soil system so that your plants can get what they need to grow longer, stronger roots and reach more naturally-provided water and nutrients.

Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion and Controller bundle
Healthy grass roots with Rachio Thrive

How does a not-fertilizer work harder for your lawn?

Fertilizer is a short term solution which prioritizes quick synthetic results over real lawn health; Lawn Champion builds up the biological content and structure of your soil so that grass and plants can become more self-reliant in terms of nutrition and water.

  • Creates greener grass and more robust roots
  • Reduces how much and how often you need to water
  • Eliminates the need to aerate
  • Protects your lawn from stress like extreme temperatures and drought

Stimulates growth of healthy microbes for better soil.

Years of research and trials in sustainable agriculture have shown that the healthiest plants spring from living soil systems with lots of beneficial microbes.

Restores soil's health and texture.

Lawn Champion soil nutrition provides natural superfoods for microbes, helping them multiply and increase the diversity of life within your soil.

What's in Thrive Lawn Champion?

Natural ingredients for a healthy yard.

We’re proud of the ingredients that go into the Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion treatment. Our non-synthetic superfoods feed soil’s living community without polluting water and air with nitrogen and other chemicals that overload our ecosystem.

Our soil nutrition is the key to total lawn transformation. Other natural treatments are pulled from the ocean and can compromise soil health with excess salt. Lawn Champion uses microalgae that is specially grown for use in soil. These micronutrients are more easily absorbed into your lawn because, well, that's what they’re made for!

What's in Thrive Lawn Champion?

Specially grown and formulated for soil nutrition. Typical seaweed found in other treatments can contain salts and damage our oceans with overharvesting.


A natural source of calcium carbonate, which boosts the natural soil biology and helps keep soil neutral.


Packed with nutrients to support the natural ecosystem of your yard. Includes vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and more for superior yard health.

Other Ingredients
Other Ingredients

Our other ingredients like phosphoric acid (a common food preservative) and potassium sorbate (a frequent soft drink additive) and water keep Lawn Champion fresh and easy to apply.

Challenge your lawn to thrive!

Grass only grows as much as it needs to survive in its environment. This can result in shallow roots and stunted access to nutrients. When you apply Lawn Champion, your Rachio controller takes the reins of your watering schedule and challenges your lawn to do more with less water while your roots and soil improve. This creates stronger, more stress-tolerant grass that is also more water efficient.

Lawn roots before and after using Rachio Thrive
Person using Rachio mobile app in their yard

Our Guarantee

We want you to love your lawn and the life within it. Not completely satisfied with Rachio Thrive? We’ll easily refund your order in full up to 60 days from delivery.

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