What to Expect

It's a lifestyle change for your lawn.

Whether your lawn needs a little TLC or is perfectly green and lush, the Rachio Ecosystem can help you improve and maintain your lawn. Over-time, your yard will become more self-sufficient and perform better under stress like temperature extremes. But this transformation to a healthier, happier yard won't happen overnight. Like most good things in life, it takes time.

Tomato roots

See results in as little as 4 weeks.

Rachio Lawn Champion can produce results both above and below ground in as little as four weeks from your first treatment. Once you spray on our soil nutrition, Lawn Champion gets to work nourishing the soil, feeding healthy microbes, improving soil structure, and encouraging root growth. We think you’ll agree that the results are worth the wait!

How Lawn Champion Works

Detox from synthetic fertilizers.

While green is one sign of a healthy lawn, color alone cannot tell you how well your grass is performing. Synthetic fertilizers push large quantities of nitrogen onto your lawn in order to create a “green up” effect that is unfortunately temporary. Rachio Lawn Champion focuses on fostering complete plant health from the roots up – so while it may take longer to see color improvements, the results are more long lasting and signal deeper, longer term health.

Roots with and without Rachio Thrive
Close-up of microbes in soil

Improved soil structure creates natural aeration.

Over time, Lawn Champion builds up and improves soil structure so that there are more air pockets between soil particles. This can add up to natural aeration of your soil, which helps the circulation of air, water, and nutrients to plants and prevents soil compaction. With continued use of Lawn Champion, you can decrease or even eliminate the need to aerate your lawn.

Add grass seed to bare or dead spots.

Lawn Champion can do wonders for your yard, but it can’t work miracles by growing grass where none exists. If your lawn has bare patches where there is no living grass or grass seed, you’ll need to reseed to get a consistently green lawn.

If bare spots persist, you might have a problem with your sprinkler system. Get your system audited by a Certified Rachio Pro to find and fix common irrigation issues.

bare lawn spots that need grass seed and Rachio Thriv

Ready to start your sustainable yard?

Find a Rachio controller that’s right for you and bundle it with Rachio Lawn Champion to start rebuilding your root system for a healthier, greener, and more sustainable lawn.

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Rachio Thrive and Sprinkler Controller bundle