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About Us

Rachio creates innovative technology and solutions that enliven the outside space of any home through exceptional products, data-driven personalized recommendations, and an unmatched user experience.

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60 Billion Gallons Saved

Up to 50 percent of the water Americans use outdoors is wasted due to inefficient irrigation systems. Rachio users are helping to change that.


Certified B-Corp

At Rachio, sustainability isn’t a buzzword. It’s what our company was founded on, and we are committed to environmental conservation and social equity.


Recycling Program

When you purchase a Rachio controller, we’ll gladly recycle your old controller (no matter the brand) at no cost to you.

Origin Story

Waste Water No More

It started with a rainy day. Even during a downpour, sprinklers were still running. Waste was the problem—that much was clear. The solution took some time and tinkering but eventually, the technology to connect outside spaces of the home to a smarter, more efficient way to water emerged.

Today, depending on the weather, the sunshine and the season, you are able to optimally water your home’s green landscapes with high precision and low effort.

Our products are expertly engineered to do the work—triangulate the details to lighten the load of optimal watering. We take the guessing out and put the intelligence in to forecast in real time and adjust accordingly.

At Rachio, we water sprawling lawns, blissful backyards, flower beds and urban gardens. We water wherever there is greenery to grow. And we make the most of every drop with high-tech products and low-touch effort.

Rachio bridges the intelligence gap between your home and your yard to bring smart outside.

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    Rachio Leadership Team

    Kim Sentovich  headshot

    Kim Sentovich

    Chief Executive Officer

    Kim brings over 30 years of experience to Rachio, leading organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 50 public companies to private companies, and private equity portfolio companies to startups.  She is an innovative, goal-oriented, and visionary leader with a tenacity that has created a proven track record of drilling down to what matters most to the consumer. Kim serves on numerous Boards and lives in California with her husband and two children.

    Chris Klein headshot

    Chris Klein

    Chief Product Officer / Co-Founder

    Chris runs the Product team at Rachio and co-founded the company. He is experienced in both software and hardware delivery, focusing on solving real customer problems with delightful solutions that make an impact on real-world issues. When not designing cutting-edge IOT solutions, you can find Chris and his family out mountain biking, camping or somewhere  in the great outdoors.

    Franz Garsombke headshot

    Franz Garsombke

    Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

    Franz has been developing and architecting software solutions for many years across large enterprise organizations and multiple startups. He is responsible for the Rachio IoT and data platforms as well as leading the technology vision. Franz is passionate about using technology to solve real-world challenges. When away from the keyboard he can be found adventuring on anything with two wheels.

    Jim Miele headshot

    Jim Miele

    Chief Financial Officer

    Jim has been a finance executive with CPA credentials for over 30 years in finance organizations for both publicly traded and private equity portfolio companies spanning across multiple industries. Jim lives in California with his wife and two children and when not working, he enjoys coaching his son’s Pop Warner football team, watching his daughter cheer, and playing guitar.

    Aaron Pollack headshot

    Aaron Pollack

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Aaron is responsible for leading the brand and customer growth of Rachio. After many years at SiriusXM Satellite Radio, BlackBerry, GreatCall, Canary and Nanit, Aaron brings extensive experience in the consumer electronics industry to Rachio, and is helping to lead the brand into its next phase of growth. Aaron lives in New York City, and is a competitive chili cook, bass player and avid Yankees fan.

    Taylor C. Smith headshot

    Taylor C. Smith

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Taylor leads sales and customer service at Rachio across diverse channels of retail, distributors and utilities. He is a senior retail and manufacturing executive with progressive and diverse leadership experience across major brands in technology (Rachio), retail (Walmart), beverages (Diageo) and restaurants (Brinker). In his spare time, you can find him out on the lake or on his bike, and raising two teenage girls.

    Water ripples

    60 Billion Gallons of Water Saved

    Water waste is a big issue in the United States (particularly for western states), and things like excessive or unnecessary watering can make matters worse. The EPA estimates that up to 50 percent – yes, HALF – of the water we use outdoors "is lost due to wind, evaporation, and runoff caused by inefficient irrigation methods and systems." Rachio is working to fix this.

    With the help of Rachio users across the country, we have been able to conserve more than 60 billion gallons of water since 2014.

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