Making sustainable water use effortless and personally rewarding.

What We Believe

Rachio believes it’s time for a more integrative approach to water use that starts at the root level.

Helping the planet shouldn't have to mean giving up your yard. That’s why we created a smarter way to keep green spaces healthy and beautiful.

When done right, water usage can contribute to water conservation. Our smart sprinkler controller adjusts to the local weather, seasons, and your yard goals for more efficient watering.

A one-size-fits-all approach to yard care creates unnecessary waste. That’s why we tailor our products to fit your individual needs and climate conditions.

Water is the lifeblood of the planet, providing essential support to all living things. Together we can challenge the outdated yard care industry and make water use a beautiful experience with a positive impact on the world.

Smarter water and plants
for a more sustainable world

Three goals make up our plan for progress:

Reduce outdoor water use.

Right now, outdoor watering accounts for about 60% of household water usage. Our mix of science and technology aims to reduce that by half.

Reduce groundwater pollution.

Traditional fertilizers seep into groundwater, causing nitrates and other excess nutrients to enter shared water resources. Swap traditional fertilizers for our natural products to reduce contamination and help eliminate dead zones in aquatic ecosystems.

Turn homeowners into conservationists.

Most people think they can’t single-handedly make a difference. As experts in yard science and technology, we’re making sustainable water use accessible, rewarding, and above all, easy.

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