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Rachio is a Certified B Corp... and so much more!

Mission-Based, For Good

Rachio’s journey started with water savings. As we grew, we realized that water is only one piece of the environmental sustainability puzzle. Without living soils, naturally thriving plants, clean waterways, and responsible business practices, our mission's never complete. Read on to see how we're committed to sustainable water use through a B Corp certification & more.

The Buzz About B Corp

We’re in good company

As a B Corp since 2017, Rachio is aligned with other businesses that prioritize the environmental and social equity, such as Patagonia, Method, Seventh Generation, The Honest Co., and more.

We’re doing good work

Rachio was recognized for environmental excellence as a Best For The World: Environment Honoree. But our work never stops – we’re continuing to develop new water-saving features for the Rachio app and looking into new products to reduce residential outdoor water use.

We started with outdoor water usage

Outdoor watering makes up around 60% of all household water usage. Rachio customers aren’t just making a dent in this water usage, they’re making a difference – by saving over 35 billion gallons of water and counting!

Supporting Our Environment

How Rachio is making a difference

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Saving Water

At Rachio, sustainability isn’t a sales gimmick – it’s what our company was founded on.

Our smart sprinkler controllers and other hardware have earned the EPA WaterSense label as a result of proven water savings. This means that when you shop Rachio controllers, you can rest easy that they have met rigorous standards for using less water – at least 20% less water than other conventional sprinkler controllers.

    Doing Business Ethically

    At Rachio, we take saving water and reducing pollution seriously. We’ve been a Certified B Corporation since 2017, meaning we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. That's how we're making sure our business interests align with those of our people and planet.

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      Rachio controllers

      Keeping Controllers Out of Landfills

      Minimizing waste is another critical piece of the sustainability puzzle, so we created a controller recycling program to keep hard-to-recycle electronics out of landfills. When you purchase a Rachio controller, we’ll gladly recycle your old controller (no matter the brand) at no cost to you. Rachio proudly partners with Blue Star Recyclers, a 501c3 social enterprise which recycles electronics and creates local jobs for people with disabilities.